Field Kitchen Academy is a residency programme in residence. Its each edition takes place in another location and form an intense one month programme under a different selected concept. With an inter-disciplinary approach, the Field Kitchen Academy invites six experts of academics and field practitioners to meet 10 artists/ creative minds and a resident cook in a concentrated yet intimate environment.

Each edition of the Field Kitchen Academy has an organised system yet free structure within, where the participants meet cover three sub-topics of the concept during the first three weeks. At the end of each intensive the group works with a guest lecturer for two days. Each week concludes with a public talk that invites the expert and the guest lecturer and a conceptual dinner prepared by the resident cook in accordance of previous week's content. The last week is considered to be the ‘simmering’ period where the participants will have the opportunity to work and reflect through the expert contacts they have encountered.

With this format the Field Kitchen Academy openly is simply a hub of new approaches, experimental formats and originating new practices.