Our Philosophy

Field Kitchen Academy is a mobile project of GROUND e.V., that brings artists and creative minds together with experts around interdisciplinary topics and food. It aims at transcending the existing borders between research and practice, and beyond forms and formats with innovative tools and experiences on holistic knowing and thinking. Each edition of the Field Kitchen Academy is composed under a different concept that creates a lab for field research, experimentation, discussion, trial and error, progression of knowledge, know-how and creativity and artistic production. It aims at stimulating new areas and formats of investigations that will support artistic practice and creative thinking in a lab format.

Apart from being a lab, at the Field Kitchen Academy, the kitchen is a symbol for overcoming the hierarchies in society. It stands out for an experience exchange and production platform where heated and open debates can take place. The Field Kitchen Academy believes in that food is the best social glue. It uses food as a mediator to involve the audience and artists from diverse backgrounds of urban and rural, to create accessibility and inclusivity to the experimental and contemporary artistic topics.

The locations of the Field Kitchen Academy are in remote areas in nature or in unique urban settings to forge the human psychology to disarm the masks and the thinking patterns we have created during usual schooling patterns and social formats. Dislocating the participants in unusual environments is crucial for altering their vision and perspective to allow them to work and create collaboratively with the communities in the rural areas. The project also uses the supportive format of nature and the remote societies to create more knowledge, more unique strategies of perception, and to inaugurate and unlock artistic potentials.

Ground e.V. is a non-profit organization registered in Berlin in 2016, Finanzamt für Körperschaften. It aims at supporting and promoting art and culture with an interdisciplinary approach. The interdisciplinary group founded GROUND e.V. to function as a participative and experimental playground supporting cultivation of new forms of expressions.

VISION: To construct together a more critical, open and engaged society.

MISSION: To create an international, interdisciplinary and festive platform that contributes to discovering, sharing, and enriching the world through its projects.

VALUES: To promote new models for innovative artistic projects in diverse contexts. To reach and form a new participative and critical public, through multidisciplinary activities for diverse sectors of society. To foster artistic development of established, emerging, and aspiring regional, national, and international artists.