For the visitors from Berlin and other cities who are willing to have a different weekend away from the city, Gutshaus Wüsten Buchholz offers a limited number of rooms and spaces for tents, caravans. Additionally free shuttles will be available from Perleberg train station to Wüsten Buchholz to Perleberg. Both conceptual dinners and accommodations at the location can be booked prior to the events.

For fees and bookings for conceptual dinners, accommodation and space for tents, caravans: Reservation form

For free Shuttle Reservations between Perleberg Train Station and Wüsten Buchholz, click here


BY TRAIN from Berlin Central Train Station/Alexander Platz:
1 hr 10 mins with the fast train to Perleberg
1 hr 50 mins with the Regional Train to Perleberg

BY TRAIN from Berlin Tegel Airport:
1 hr 28 mins with the fast train to Perleberg
2 hr 17 mins with the Regional Train to Perleberg

from Berlin Alexanderplatz: 2 hr 14 mins from Tegel Airport: 1 hr 57 mins

30 mins. from PERLEBERG Train Station to GUTSHAUS WÜSTEN-BUCHHOLZ by bike.

1 hr 30 mins from PERLEBERG Train Station to GUTSHAUS WÜSTEN-BUCHHOLZ on foot.

*We will provide free Shuttle Service from PERLEBERG Train Station to GUTSHAUS WÜSTEN-BUCHHOLZ.

To arrange your train times:


Located near Perleberg, Gutshaus Wüsten Buchholz is situated 15 km away from Wittenberge train station. Currently owned by German architect Tilman Schall, the location is used for communal dinners, meetings and various art events. Gutshaus Wüsten Buchholz owns a 1000 m2 barn that is used for concerts, studios, dinners and other creational events. The vicinity of Gutshaus Wüsten Buchholz is 2,5 hectares and includes a man-made island.

Located in former East Germany , Wüsten Buchholz is north of the city Perleberg. It neighbours in the southeast is the Perleberger district Groß Buchholz, in the southwest, the district joins Quitzow, in the west of the district Schönfeld. In the northwest Wüsten-Buchholz borders the municipality Karstädt, in the northeast the municipality Groß Pankow (Prignitz). Wüsten Buchholz neighboured a Slavic settlement between the 10th and 12th centuries. In 1345 the town was first occupied as slavicali bucholt (Wendisch Buchholz). On December 6, 1993 Wüsten-Buchholz was incorporated together with Quitzow and Schönfeld in the county town Perleberg. Population: 107 people (2011).

Perleberg is the capital of the district of Prignitz, located in the northwest of the German state of Brandenburg. The town received city rights in 1239 and today has about 12,000 inhabitants. Located in a mostly agricultural area, the town has a long history of troops being stationed here (most notably Prussian) and as an administrative centre for local government. Population: 12,370 people (2011).