October 2017 in Athens, Greece
Open public event

As part of “Idiopolis” (ed.3) exhibition that is curated by Nisaar Ulama and Stephan Koehler under Frontviews e.V., a shorter "kitchenette" version of Field Kitchen Academy is invited to tackle the issues around the interchange/ relationship between the private and public with an interdisciplinary approach.

Most of our political terms and ideas we use today began their history in the Greek antiquity, just as in the distinction between “public” and “private”. Idiot, or in Greek ἰδιώτης, idiōtēs, stands for a private citizen. However, in being so, he benefits from a public sphere, which allows him to be private.

Besides several classical heterotopias in an original Foucaultian Sense, which are defined by their own unique structures and rules (like jails, hospitals, graveyards, shopping malls and even galleries) there are two main-types of space in our society: the private space and the public space. On one hand they differ in law and use: the private room is rented or bought by a private person to have an own space for the individual favours of behaviour and rules. The public space is organized by the state and open for mostly every citizen. First you can set this difference in a political-spatial definition. Second you could expand this strict understanding into a more open subjective – collective categorisation that would include the divided mental spaces of individual subjectivity and collective consciousness. Nevertheless there are a lot of interchanges between the two categories – especially since »virtual places« (e.g. facebook) challenge our definitions of terms like »space« or »frontier«. The exhibition will concentrate on these interchanges, which connect the basic dualism of “private” and “public” in many possible ways. How can we draw a line between these two spaces – or maybe we can‘t?

Our Partners: Frontviews and State of Concept