conceptual cooking


BY Betül insel karahan and emrah tas

Throughout the entire residency and during performances, the kitchen table will allow artists and the community to get connected to each other. In order to foster a creative bond, Turkish chef Betül Insel Karahan, our cook-in-residence will prepare conceptual dinners in accordance to the public performance of the week and content of the working sessions.

Betül İnsel Karahan is a chef and a food concept specialist living in Turkey. Having started her career in culinary practices in 2002 as a food culture consultant, she has worked in numerous restaurants all around the world. Between 2011-2016 she has worked as Periodic Turkish Cuisine Chief at La Passarelle Gastronomy Restaurant in Marseille, France. She worked as a restaurant manager and concept specialist at Taksim Endless Art Hotel (2016-2017), Lit Karaköy (2017-2018) in Istanbul and at Muhterif Restaurant in Uchisar, Cappadocia. She has attended many culinary projects including Eastern Mediterranean Cuisine Congress, September 2004, Beirut, Lebanon; World Street Food Festival, October 2004, Cesena, Italy; Lavazza World Coffee Culture Book Turkish Coffee Department Production Consultancy, September 2005, Istanbul and Turin, Italy; T. C. Ministry of Foreign Affairs within the scope of International Epcot Food and Wine Festival
Presentation of Turkish Culinary Culture, October-November 2005, Orlando, USA; - Istanbul, Algeria Street, Concept and Management Consultant, 2005 Cez2006; EU Cultural Heritage and Adaptation projects, June Uyum September 2007, Istanbul; Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Conservatory Food Culture projects, June-September 2007, Istanbul; International Olive and Food Festival, December 2007, Draguignan, France; Mediterranean Cuisine Conservatory, Gastronomare International Mediterranean Seafood Festival, September 2009, Marseille; Mediterranean Pastries Festival, April 2010, Bizerte, Tunisia.

Emrah Tas lives in Istanbul, Turkey. He studied Gastronomy and Culinary Arts at Gaziantep University (2014-2018). He is currently for a studying  master's degree in Gastronomy at Istanbul Okan University. Throughout his career he had the opportunity to work with many Michelin star chefs (Michel Roth, Christian Le Squer, Michael White). He worked at the Metro Market Research Center Gastronometro (Istanbul, Maximillian Thomae ) and Morini Restaurant (Istanbul, Michael White ). During his undergraduate years, he coordinated many events with the Gastronomy club , where he was the manager. He had the opportunity to work with many important writers in 'Open Buffet' magazine, which he published and edited at Gaziantep University.His academic studies on Anatolian culinary culture and neurogastronomy continue. He continues her master education at Istanbul Okan University and continues to work as an assistant chef.