The Silence with the Consent of Sound

public programme

The Silence with the Consent of Sound Event Series are composed of sound performances, lectures and conceptual dinners that will shed light on the correlation between silence and sound, from a multi-sensory and multi-disciplinary perspective.

We are all accustomed to the idea that once silence is used as a “sound” component in sound art and music, it can create an aspect of empowering the work itself by making it stronger. Use of silence can accentuate the other frequencies, and at the same time sound might accentuate the silence further. Yet, silence in sound also creates a passage to other senses of the body. With silence, the journey with the sound enables quick shifts and glitches from auditory senses to the enhanced senses of sight, touch, smell and taste. The notion of silence withholds many charged discussions both from the performer’s and the listener’s perspective. And then the question rises, if we were to dismantle all the components of a performance, a moment or an experience; would we be able to grasp how every element of a composition has an impact on our sensory experiences?

The Silence with the Consent of Sound public programme is composed of performances by Juliana Hodkinson, Robert Lippok & Ali M. Demirel and Hans Peter Kuhn, where each of them will present one of their pieces twice: Once the piece as it is, and a week later a modified version of the same piece. During one week, each artist will work with participants and researchers of the Field Kitchen Academy to de-compose the existing piece and re-compose compose it again collaboratively within the conceptual framework. The final (!) version of the pieces, that has new owners and a new format, will be presented at the end of the week to public.

During the course of The Silence with the Consent of Sound Event Series, the multi-disciplinary presentations by as Finnish architect Juhan Pallasmaa, Zen Masters Sun Woo & Ji Woo, contemporary dancer Emma Howes and Betül Insel Karahan with her conceptual dinners will approach the concept from another perspective, flourishing our perceptions through different tools, and encouraging us to open ourselves to different readings of sound and silence.

*The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the event programme.