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Conceptual Dinner / by Betül İnsel Karahan

A conceptual dinner that is prepared in relation of the day’s special performance…

Betül İnsel Karahan is a chef and a food concept specialist living in Turkey. Having started her career in culinary practices in 2002 as a food culture consultant, she has worked in numerous restaurants all around the world. Between 2011-2016 she has worked as Periodic Turkish Cuisine Chief at La Passarelle Gastronomy Restaurant in Marseille, France. She worked as a restaurant manager and concept specialist at Taksim Endless Art Hotel (2016-2017), Lit Karaköy (2017-2018) in Istanbul and at Muhterif Restaurant in Uchisar, Cappadocia. She has attended many culinary projects including Eastern Mediterranean Cuisine Congress, September 2004, Beirut, Lebanon; World Street Food Festival, October 2004, Cesena, Italy; Lavazza World Coffee Culture Book Turkish Coffee Department Production Consultancy, September 2005, Istanbul and Turin, Italy; T. C. Ministry of Foreign Affairs within the scope of International Epcot Food and Wine Festival
Presentation of Turkish Culinary Culture, October-November 2005, Orlando, USA; - Istanbul, Algeria Street, Concept and Management Consultant, 2005 Cez2006; EU Cultural Heritage and Adaptation projects, June Uyum September 2007, Istanbul; Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Conservatory Food Culture projects, June-September 2007, Istanbul; International Olive and Food Festival, December 2007, Draguignan, France; Mediterranean Cuisine Conservatory, Gastronomare International Mediterranean Seafood Festival, September 2009, Marseille; Mediterranean Pastries Festival, April 2010, Bizerte, Tunisia.